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At Arctic Bathrooms & Kitchens, we understand the levels of investment our customers make into a new kitchen installation or bathroom installation; not only in terms of money but also with the expected impact a major project can have on the lifestyles of those living inside a home.

We offer the combined services of an electrician, gas engineer and plumber.

Great customer service and honest communication with homeowners in the Staffordshire area ensures no question ever remains unanswered.

From new kitchen, bathroom and boiler installations, to ongoing annual boiler services and
maintenance, we always do our best to keep the customer in the loop.

For the benefit of new and returning clients alike, we outline some of the key points that surround our core services below; namely kitchen installations, bathroom installations and how a boiler service or new boiler installation can contribute to a home improvement project in Stoke-on-Trent.

Kitchen Installations

1 – Make an Early Design Decision

During the earliest stages of a kitchen installation project, we find that
homeowners have many questions to ask.

As a combined NICEIC domestic installer and electrician, so do we. It’s important for us to know exactly what you wish to achieve from a kitchen installation. Do you only want an aesthetic change? Would you like to create a new layout? Is increased functionality your primary motivation? Do you want to combine the job with a boiler service or a new boiler installation?

By dealing with these questions early in the process, our customers and clients in Stoke and the surrounding area lessen the likelihood of any miscommunication or delays further down the line.

2 – Visualise the Décor

Collect samples of hard and soft furnishings, exploring as many colours and textures as possible
for your new kitchen installation. Having a wider range of options to choose from helps us to build a clear idea of your aspirations and inspirations. What’s more, with a visual layout of samples, we can help homeowners to eliminate aspects that clash, and further guarantee that our work matches the planned décor for a stunning finish.

We are time-served installers, electricians and plumbers, and we are always on hand to offer advice and input into the ideas that work – and into those that don’t – on all kitchen and bathroom installation projects.

3 – Make Timeless Choices

While we recognise the allure of trends with a new kitchen installation, we always recommend that our Crewe customers err on the side of a timeless design. A new kitchen costs a significant amount of money and the results remain in place for many years to come, so the last thing anybody wants is a design that’s outdated inside a year or two.

Get your kitchen installation project started in style by calling 07921 823 723 or 07540 925 984 to arrange an initial consultation. We’ll use our visit to survey, measure and plan, and to also discuss any additional requirements you might have for a boiler service or boiler installation.

Bathroom Installations

1 – Set a Budget

The most vital step to any new bathroom installation is setting a budget that allows work to progress in a stress-free manner with minimal disruption. Most of our customers in the Crewe area already have a firm grasp on the cost of suites and the labour involved, but there can also be hidden elements to consider such as a new boiler installation to provide the bathroom with a more efficient heating and hot water supply, or just a boiler service to ensure the current appliance is in good working order.

Our customers can relax knowing that we always sit down and take the time needed to set realistic budgets which align with expectations before work begins.

2 – Lighting

Arctic Bathrooms & Kitchens has certified NICEIC electricians who can install lighting into a
bathroom installation in full compliance with current HSE legislation and Part P of the UK Building Regulations.

A vital aspect to consider on any installation project in Crewe is how to best utilise light. From widening the windows to fitting recessed downlights, we can work with natural and artificial light to brighten your room space in a variety of ways.

In our role as your chosen electrician, we can also fit electric showers and heaters as well as heated towel rails.

3 – Ventilation

Good airflow is a vital feature of any new bathroom installation and without it, the room space could experience significant

levels of condensation. Over time, this encourages the growth of mould. We integrate extractor fans into the design, placing them away from water splashes and prying fingers to provide a safe
relaxation area that the entire family can enjoy.

We encourage homeowners to clean bathroom fans every 6 months to ensure optimal performance.

Boiler Installations

1 – Understanding Boiler Choices 

There are three main boiler options; system, conventional and combination. These different styles meet the various needs of individual Crewe properties, so it’s important that you understand which design will best suit your needs. If you want your new kitchen installation or bathroom installation to have an economical supply of heating and hot water, book in for a boiler service or push the boat out and let us quote you for a replacement.

If you’re in any doubt regarding which option to choose for a new boiler installation, please don’t
hesitate to get in touch with us.

2 – Research Reliable Brands

While we recognise that a new boiler installation carries a significant cost, it’s always a false
economy to cut corners. Put simply, an appliance with poor reliability increases the likelihood of a failed boiler service and the need for repair work in the future. Arctic Bathrooms and kitchen can recommend reliable, time tested and proven boiler for fitting in your home, with up to a 10 year warranty!

Our NICEIC electricians and Gas Safe engineers can advise on the most reliable boiler brand and model for your Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire or South Cheshire home, and provide you with the ongoing maintenance and repair services you need.

3 – Arrange a Boiler Service

Following a new boiler installation, it is vital that you use us to perform a boiler service on an annual basis. A boiler service plays a vital role in optimising performance, reducing fuel bills and, potentially, saving lives. 

Not all kitchen installations or bathroom installations will require a new boiler, but it makes perfect sense to protect an appliance if you make the eventual decision to invest in a  replacement model. As a Gas Safe registered company, we provide compliant boiler services and installations for domestic and commercial needs, anywhere in Stoke-on-Trent or the surrounding areas.

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