Why Choose a Combi Boiler over a traditional boiler?

Why choose a combi boiler?

Why choose a combi boiler?

Today’s modern Combi boilers are probably the most most popular kind of new boilers being fitted and favoured by heating companies into homes at this time. This is down to their compact size, simplicity of use, energy efficiency and straight forward installation. The truth is more than sixty per cent of the new home boilers installed these days are Combi Gas Boilers.

Also referred to as combination boilers, this particular choice of boiler offers the ability to have piping hot water and central heating available on-demand at any time.

A high performance, energy-efficient boiler, as well as a central heating boiler, wrapped up in a single compact, space-saving unit. Furthermore, this negates the use of a hot water storage tank and central heating header tank in your loft space. This also lowers the cost of installing a full new central heating system in your home.

Combi boilers are manufactured in various sizes.

Arctic Bathrooms can advise you on the best size to heat your home, taking into account the size of your property and how many people reside in your home.

Is A Combi Boiler Installation expensive?

The price of your combi boiler will be dependant on a few elements, like the required kW (output) of the boiler to fulfil your homes needs, whether your radiators require replacement, changing or updating your flue to vent toxic waste gases safely. It will generally cost more if your old storage tank needs removing along with your header tank if your previous system was the more dated traditional boiler. For the installer, all of the above would obviously add time to a new installation.

Below are some guide prices for some recommended combi boilers by our favoured and reliable manufacturers, these costs do not include installation/labour or any other required parts, as each install is unique to your own home. Up to 10-year Warranties are available on specific models of boiler.

Glow-worm – £580 to £1,400
Baxi – £700 to £1,300
Vaillant – £630 to £1,250
Worcester – £740 to £1,200
Ideal – £620 to £1,100

Cost benefits include:

*A decrease in your home energy bills.
*Instantaneous hot water and central heating.
*Streamlined and compact kitchen unit friendly design.
*Fast installations.
*Easy to use controls.
*No header tank is taking up loft space.
*No storage cylinder in your airing cupboard = more storage space!
*Lower carbon-dioxide emissions.

Arctic Bathrooms can offer you a very competitive free quotation on new Combi boiler installations. Contact us for a free quote from our Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers. We can guide you with the best choice of combi boiler for your home and family needs, and we guarantee to be cheaper than British Gas.

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